Dangerous Goods

Each year more and more dangerous goods are moved across the world by road, rail, water and air. These shipments range from industrial chemicals to manufactured goods and, while indispensable to our modern way of life, they can pose a threat if not handled safely. As we have promised at Chariot Company we take care of any form of shipment which also includes your dangerous goods shipments.
When transporting your dangerous goods, by air, sea or land, legislation and governmental requirements are involved. Therefore we handle dangerous goods in the most secure way, including; direct and first possible flights, trucking arrangements, packaging, classification, declarations and emergency response. Federal and provincial legislation provide for the regulation of an extensive list of products, substances or organisms classified as dangerous.
The products fall into one of nine classes:
Class 1 explosives
Class 2 gases
Class 3 flammable liquids
Class 4 flammable solids, spontaneously combustibles
and substances that, on contact with water, emit flammable gases
Class 5 oxidizing substances and organic peroxides
Class 6 poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances
Class 7 radioactive materials
Class 8 corrosives
Class 9 miscellaneous products or substances, miscellaneous
identified dangerous goods, certain specified goods considered
dangerous to the environment and dangerous wastes